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Poinsettias are available for order. They are available in red, white or Ice crystal pink. Sizes available are 4" plant for $5, 6.5" plant for $9, 8" plant for $20 and $10" plant for $26. Please make a special note if the poinsettia is to be donated to the church in memory of a loved one. Call Dave or Michelle at 920-295-0369. Please let them know the number, size and color of poinsettias that you would like to order and if you want this in memory of someone. Send a check for the amount owed to St John's Catholic Church. All orders must be in by the 29th of October. I am so sorry this is so late getting out. We did not get information until just recently. Thank you for your patience and understanding. And thank you for helping to decorate our church for Christmas.

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