Home & School Association

St. John's Catholic School is not just a school, but also a community. The Home & School Association is comprised of all school parents and guardians. It supports the parents, our children, and the school by sponsoring parent/family gatherings, a Poinsettia sale, book fairs, and a family fun night. It is a great way to make true connections with other parents, friends, teachers and the heart of the St. John's community. Please take a look at our list of parent volunteer opportunities for activities you think you might enjoy.


We meet the first Wednesday of every month at 6:00 p.m. in the school computer room. All parents are welcome and encouraged to join us. Meeting attendees are credited one hour of volunteer time towards the 20 volunteer hours required annually of each St. John's family.


St. John's parish requires members to contribute 20 volunteer hours.  All parents are encouraged to participate and there are volunteer opportunities to meet everyone's needs!  Below is just a partial list of ways you can contribute to our community.  See a need? Have a new idea? Talk to a Home & School officer or the school principal - that's how most of these activities got started!

  • Fall Fundraiser Event
  • Christmas Shopping for Kids
  • Church Picnic
  • Family Fun Night
  • Bingo Nights at St. John
  • Poinsettia Sale
  • Holiday Activities (Christmas Bazaar Luncheon, Parade, etc.)
  • Special Event for After School Program

The students of St. John's enjoy a variety of enrichment programs and special services aimed at enhancing their education, their school and the greater environment in which they live. These programs would not be possible without the efforts of our many dedicated volunteers and the fundraisers coordinated through the year. Earnings from the fundraisers fund various needs including:

  • Subsidizing field trips
  • School Technical Equipment/Software
  • Books and Materials for classrooms
  • Teacher Appreciation gifts
  • School "special request" needs

Ways you can help

Save your General Mills BoxTops and Milk Moola caps and bags and send them in with your children. Also go to www.boxtops4education.com to get extra money for school. Up to 10% of your shopping order goes to our school just for shopping through this website on-line. Thanks for all your help!

Let the Good Times Roll  Gala 2016