Hear From Our Former Students and Parents:


Max Soda - 2009 Graduate

"St. John The Baptist Catholic School has played a huge role in helping to form who I am today.  Each and everyday we were challenged in our academics.  Our teachers pushed us to do the best that we could, and they really cared that we understood the material.  The top four students from my graduating class in high school, graduated from St. John the Baptist.  We were also pushed to be better people and to be involved in our community.  When I went on to public high school, you could tell who did and did not attend St. John, just in the way that they treated other students and respected staff.  St. John students were also in multiple extracurricular activities, especially volunteering in community events".


Hear what a new parent with a daughter in 3K posted on Facebook:

"My Favorite Thing when my daughter gets home from school....                                                                                                           

ME:  Tell me what prayer you said at school today                                                                                                              

HER:  (Big Smile on Her Face) God made me...I am special...God made me...I am so special...I am so special                                                                                                                                                                    

I Can't tell you how much I love it for her"          


Chris and Donna Klahn

"We enrolled our three daughters in St. John the Baptist Catholic School with the intent of giving them a strong educational background with ethical Catholic support.  We are pleased to say that all of our daughters have had fruitful college careers and have achieved fulfilling positions in their chosen careers.  We are convinced that the positive educational experience they received at St. John the Baptist has led to successes in their lives."

Theresa Pulvermacher                               

"My time at St. John's Catholic School set the foundation for my successes in my academics and as a person. St John's has a family atmosphere in which everyone wants you to succeed. At this school, I not only learned about my Christian values, but I also discovered who I am and what I'm good at. Attending high school at a public school is so different than what I experienced at the catholic school. St. John's Catholic School taught and continues to teach their students to have respect for others and how to be disciplined. My time at St Johns Catholic school helped me to be who I am today.


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Princeton School District Term 2, 2016-17 Honor Roll

Congratulations to the following alumni who made the Honor Roll at Princeton Public High School for Term 2. To qualify for the Honor Roll, a student must earn a minimum grade point average of 3.00.

12th Grade: Jedd Soda, MaryAnna Whitemarsh

11th Grade: Sophie Bartol, Josie Bednarek, Alexa Mydlach, Jack Soda, Nellie Soda

10th Grade: Bennett Bartol, Alycia Bentley, Emma Kuklinski, Wynne Morris, Luke Pulvermacher, 

9th Grade: Molly Soda


Congratulations to alumna Teresa Pulvermacher, representing the Princeton Public High School Class of 2016 as ValedictorianTeresa will be going on to UW-Baraboo/Sauk County for a Bachelor's in Nursing. We are so proud of you Teresa!


Alumni College News Spring 2017 Semester:

Melissa Stel made the Dean's list at St. Norbert College, De Pere, WI. To be eligible for the Dean's list a student must maintain a minimum 3.5 grade point average.